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how we do it

At WOMB Group, our unique interviewing methodology allows us to identify and match your company with the right transformational executive: whose talents go beyond industry knowledge—who can see your company’s future and lead you there.

Anyone can match a skillset.

We take it further: we dig deep to discover the underlying needs within your company, then find the change-enacting executive you need to make your next big move.


We work with top-talent executives to help your unique ecosystem flourish, whether you’re headquartered in the same city or staffing satellite offices around the globe.

When you need executive talent, you’re not just hiring. You’re investing in human capital. You’re investing in the people creating ideas, carrying out your vision, and providing the invaluable talent you need to tear down barriers and break through to the next level.

That’s why successful executive placement is so much more than filling a position or role. It’s about matching vision. It’s about finding the missing piece. It’s about the precision of finding the perfect fit that gets results.


We strengthen your human capital so you can focus on your bottom line. We work leader-to-leader, entrepreneur-to-entrepreneur. We focus on promoting change and growth—not just aligning a sector or job function. The right executive will lead you through a period of transition and recovery to the next level of growth.

At WOMB Group, we’re entrepreneurs and business owners ourselves. Our experience informs our ability to discover your unique pain points and find the executive solution you seek.


From business evolution to revolution, we help you find the executive you need to reach your goals.

our team


Our team consists of senior executive search professionals with over 100 years of collective experience across a number of competitive industries. 

We are entrepreneurs, former CEOs and executives, global sales and finance experts, and coaching and human relations gurus. We employ a diverse group of experts, each with global experience in talent acquisition and professional development. 

We have a passion for what we do. We bring out the best in the executives we work with, because we know success is built on synergy. Synergy comes from the dynamic match between the right talent and the right position.

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